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I have wanted to jump on to LIVISH and provide uplifting content but going online has overwhelmed me like nothing in my past has seemed to before. The most recent tragic events have only taken place over the past week but feels like someone added a month in between the last bit of May and June.

So as I slowly work to pull it together I want to share what randomly lifted my spirits at this late hour of night — it's 11pm as I writing this. I was scrolling through all of my Spotify playlists and came across a playlist I created in back in college. It was originally just a place for my favorite "Happy Songs" from my childhood (Feeling So Good + Let's Get Loud by JLO and Happy Face by Destiny Child). Three songs that could instantly put me in a good mood as soon as the first melody played. I've selectively added a few more songs over the past few years and not one of them has let me down since.

So if this week has been a heavy one I offer you my "Morning Vibes" playlist. I hope it lifts your spirits and reminds you to keep your joy alive.

Love you guys,




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