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December’s arrival means the hustle and grind culture is coming head, making this the opportune time to set the stage for a new habits. Habits are sustained behaviors that contribute to long-term well-being. Cultivating positive patterns NOW instead of when the clock strikes twelves gives you a head start. Today we’re sharing four habits you should have in your personal arsenal to ensure a better you in the new year!


Constantly striving for major milestones without recognizing smaller achievements can lead to stress and feelings of overwhelm. Celebrating small wins shifts your focus from what is yet to be achieved to what you have accomplished, promoting a more optimistic outlook.

Make a habit of breaking larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks and acknowledge the completion of these tasks helps maintain momentum. You can commemorate with by treating yourself, sharing your excitement with.a  friend or simply crossing it off a list.

Whether it's completing a work project, reaching a milestone, or mastering a new skill, celebrate! It will prevent the “New Year, New Me” burnout, reinforces a sense of progress and encourage a consistency. 


Initiating your day by immersing yourself in online activities, such as emails, online discourse and other external stressors can derail your mood and intentions before you even  get out of bed.

It has been proven that your overall routine for the day is more productive and positive when you avoid immediately introducing unnecessary tension. Instead of typing in your password, take at least 10-15 minutes time to read, journal, stretching and sit with your own thought My personal hack I use to maintain this habit is turing my phone off for the first 20-30 minutes of waking up.

You'll be surprised how delaying phone usage first thing in the morning can create a peaceful and balanced star and allow you to approach your day with intention.


There’s a saying that goes to "If you can do it now and it's on your mind, do it." 

By addressing messes and clutter immediately, you avoid the need for extensive cleaning sessions later on and contribute to a more pleasant and stress-free living or working environment.

Individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression may find it challenging to summon the motivation and energy needed for cleaning. Cleaning as you go stops can create a calming atmosphere and help alleviate anxiety or depression associated with chaotic surroundings.

I make a habit of hanging each shirt back in the closet once I’ve taken it off. It feels good to not have a pile of clothing waiting for me a the end of a long day. 

Getting in the routine of getting up, tidying up and continuing to maintain your space is habit that your future self will appreaciate.


Keeping a list of 3-5 options for getting up and moving your body will make staying active feel like more of a choice than a chore. The list can include thing like hikes, long walks, a run , jump rope for cardio, a class drop in (i.e. pilates or boxing) and gym time. 

One of reason why we skip working out despite knowing the importance of staying active is the intense or lengthy of going to an actual facility. When considering your daily exercise refer to your menu and choose based on you time, energy and overall mood. Some weeks may be full of hikes and walks and that is perfectly fine because it’s from a list you’ve deemed acceptable satisfying of getting active.

Incorporating the menu will make it more appealing to establish a habit of regular physical activity that contributes to you feeling healthier and more fulfilled in the new year.

Creating new habits is important because consistent, positive behaviors contribute to overall well-being and resilience. They can provides healthier alternatives to cope with stress and challenges the hectic year may have presented and help with whatever the new year brings!



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