Livish is an online source for all things wellness, beauty and culture. With the motto "Less Lavish, More Living," the goal is to provide modern content focused less on glamour and more on realistic and accessible ways to live your best life!


How LIVISH came to life...

After years of trying to present as perfect and chasing an "Influencer" lifestyle I started to realize that a lot of things that mattered to me weren't as important anymore. I found myself wanting to know what was going on in my culture, wanting to take care of my body, and read more instead of scrolling. So I did all of the research to further my journey but found that most wellness and lifestyle websites had little to no content created people of color i could relate to. I was able to find articles written about clean brands that carried my shade but the price was usually astronomical.


When I did find content by people who looked like me they weren't focused on healthier and well rounded lifestyles. Which made me think, "Are there others on a similar journey and hitting the same dead end?" The combination of scarce resources and pricey recommendations makes it seem easier retreat and just stick to with what you're used. That thought alone made me want to throw my hat into the ring!


And that's how LIVISH came to be!


With that said, we welcome readers of all of all races and ethnicities! Our mission here is to fill the gap and be a reliable source to help you live good, look good and feel good!

Oh and don't worry we'll still throw a little glam in there!