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LIVISH is your dedicated hub for wellness and positive vibes. It serves as your gentle reminder to prioritize your mental and physical health and to believe that you deserve all the positivity life has to offer.

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With our motto "Less Lavish, More Living," we aim to provide realistic and accessible ways for people of color to live their best life. Through a blend of nutritious recipes, comprehensive mental health guides, insights into clean beauty practices, and engaging wellness events, we empower individuals to embrace their fullest potential.


In 2019, Violet Banks underwent a period of deep self-reflection, during which she recognized the critical importance of nurturing both her body and mind. This pivotal moment sparked her journey into prioritizing mental health and adopting a plant-based lifestyle. At the time, she found a noticeable lack of resources catering to the African American community in the areas.

As Violet embarked on her path towards holistic wellness and positivity, she accumulated invaluable insights and abilities that brought her profound joy. Eager to extend this sense of fulfillment to others, she founded LIVISH. Since its inception, LIVISH has evolved into a dedicated platform for distributing resources, uplifting individuals, and cultivating a community centered on wellness and positivity.

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