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In the spirit of sharing black-owned brands I thought I'd share small brands you should know about if you don't already. Each of these brands are owned by proud black women who put so much love and creativity into their craft. So if you're in the mood to shop/support we've got some options for you!


"Life is about to get cosier" with this desert themed custom lounge wear. Brand owner Lanie Edwards hand paints each of these insanely comfortable pieces. So whether you're laying around the house or out making moves you'll want to be in Shop Cosier!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: Anything from the Half Baked line OR the limited "Say Their Name" Joggers (50% of the profits will be donated to Black Visions Collective)

This brand is not for the timid! Each original design represents the stylish, no-Fs-given attitude of it's owner, Char Edwards. From the accessories to the lingerie, you won't find anything as bold as Upstreet Kid!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The Elastic Waist belts are one of the brand's origin pieces and they go with just about every look!

This brand was created out of owner Javelyn's undying love for sunglasses. The collections are always fun, unique and affordable. Each pair is meant to COMPLETE your look!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The over-sized beauties from the XRay Collection

CalhounnuohlaC can be best described as sophisticated and romantic. Not only does owner Brittney Calhoun set out to make you feel girly and fashionable but her mission is to fight the war on drugs. 20% of each sale goes toward a local drug rehabilitation center to help change lives for the better. What's better than feeling good about shopping?!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: Any of the dresses. They hug the curves just right!


If you want to "un-complicate your skincare routine" this is the brand you've been looking for. Be Transcendent is plant-based, all-natural and focuses on the essentials that help give you healthy, glowing skin. The line is not only affordable but you gives so much for your money!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The Recharge Facial Cleanser. It's refreshing and makes you feel like you've conquered the day's dirt!

Avocado is good for more than just toast and gauc! Avocurl's owner Jasmine has perfected her avocado based hair care line including an avocado oil, conditioning butter, daily moisturizer and a deep conditioner. What we especially love is that it's handmade and NONTOXIC. So you can let your curls flourish without worrying about bad ingredients!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The Travel Kit. It's like a sample set that will get you familiar with the products.

This brand is a recent launch but reviews are already coming up gold! Professional Dancer, Victoria Walls, knows a thing or two about having camera-ready skin. So a skincare line is a no brainer. The starting line up of the line has all the (vegan and cruelty-free) basics you need for a good self care regime!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The Detoxifying Charcoal Mask. You can never go wrong with a mask!

With outside is slowly opening up you might want to pick up something up for the season ahead!


by Violet Banks



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