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A great love song is magical. It can make you feel powerful, vulnerable and all around warm and fuzzy. And as someone smack dabbed in the middle of her SELF love journey I can say it's hard to find a tune that really captures that feeling. Yes, there is the wonderful catalog of Lizzo and Ariana has some hits about focusing on self but they don't leave you voice hoarse and heart fluttering like a R&B ballad does.

Sometime during the summer I grew tired of singing about a nonexistent romance. One day I was riding along listening to my favorite love playlist and just started replacing "them, him, he" with me and made the "she's" a third person thing.

Dedicating these songs I've loved for so long to myself unexpectedly evolved my self love journey. Not only is it a mood booster but I feel validated and catered in the moment. Serenading myself has shifted the self talk and I check in with myself and how I'm feeling more often. Even prioritizing my time (saying no to things) has become easier. On top of all of this I surprisingly I feel closer to myself.

I put together a little "Self Serenade" playlist to share with you all. Whether you're single or taken give it a listen and make yourself of self the subject. It might feel silly at first but you gotta really get into it and sing from the heart. Once you're able to tap into this way of looking at love songs I promise you'll find it hard to not dedicated them all to yourself.

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