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Journaling is a useful tool to help check in with yourself. The Daily LIVISH Prompts (posted each morning on the front page of the website) range from light-hearted to deep reflection. Hopefully by joining us this 365 day journey you get a change to dive into dive into what you believe in, why you believe it, how you feel, why you feel it, what your goals are, how you are getting to them.


  1. What did this last year teach you?

  2. What's one way you'd like to grow this year?

  3. How can you fully experience today?

  4. If a film crew was following your everyday life what would they capture?

  5. Who or what got you through the last year?

  6. What are you grateful for today?

  7. If that TV Show on your life was picked up for 2nd season what would you want to take place next season? (goals, plans, milestones, etc)

  8. What boundaries are setting for yourself this year?

  9. .Write about something that always make you smile, no matter what.

  10. Which of your core values are you proud of?

  11. 3 things you love about where you are in life.

  12. What do you need to let go of to move toward your best self?

  13. How does your body feel today?

  14. What is one skill you wish you had + why?

  15. What was a small win from this week that felt good?

  16. This week I will care for myself by...

  17. Write yourself a short letter forgiving yourself for something that has happened in the past.

  18. When you stand up for yourself how do you feel?

  19. What would you pursue if success was guaranteed?

  20. Describe yourself in the same loving way your best friend would.

  21. On thing you want to manifest in the next 3 months + one thing you can do to get that started.

  22. What does happiness mean/look like to you?


  24. What are you putting off? How can you face/complete that in the next 30 days?

  25. Would you rather have a 5 minute conversation with you from the past or the future? Why?

  26. What's the biggest lie you consistently tell yourself?

  27. .How have you changed in the last 5 years?

  28. How can I nurture my most important relationships?

  29. Write about something nice a stranger has done for you?

  30. Have you had enough quiet time to yourself lately? If yes, amazing! If no, how can you make time?

  31. If this month was a preview of the rest of 2022 are you satisfied? If not, How can you make this next month a successful redo?

  32. What kind of legacy would you want to leave on the world?

  33. Write about your favorite song + how it makes you feel.

  34. When were you last surprised?

  35. What is something you feel you deserve but have never given yourself? (Could be something tangible or emotionally/mentally)

  36. If you could be reborn as any animal which would you be and why?

  37. What is one thing you are asking from others that you should be doing for yourself?

  38. How can you act on this at some point this week?

  39. What does love mean to you + how do you identify it in relationships? (romantic or platonic)

  40. What aspects of your day-to-day life cause the most stress frustration? Now be honest... do you manage them to best serve your mental health?

  41. If you are having a rough day what are some healthy things you do to reset?

  42. What are your favorite not so healthy ways to make a bad day better? Why are they so coveted?

  43. Were you good to yourself this week? If yes, how? If no, why not?

  44. Write about a memory that always makes you smile.

  45. What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself, + what can you do about it?

  46. What is something you need less of? Why?

  47. If you could live the life of any literary character who would you choose?

  48. If you could to move to any destination but resume your normal life where would move and why is that city/country so appealing?

  49. If you were tasked with the building a signature self care kit what would you put inside?

  50. If you had to gift your self-care kit/bag to 3 special people in your life who would you choose? What makes these 3 people so cherished in your life?

  51. Hope would you rate this past week on a scale of 1-10?

  52. What would you do with an extra two days at the end of February?

  53. Describe the desire(s) you want to manifest in detail. *P.S. Happy 2.22.22!!

  54. What is a hobby or project you've let go of that you'd love to pick up again. How can you find a place for in your current routine?

  55. Explore an opinion you've held in the past but have since questioned or changed. What led you to change that opinion?

  56. What are three self defeating thoughts that show up in your self-talk? How can you reframe them to encourage yourself instead?

  57. What small way can you reward yourself for this week? (It can be for getting through a tough couple of days or completely crushing it!)

  58. This week I want to feel...

  59. Where do  do I need to create space this week?

  60. Finish this sentence: "My life would be incomplete without..."

  61. What constitutes a good life? Who instilled that point of view in you?

  62. Hw does a truly productive day look like you? How does it make you feel? Inspired? Drained?  If drained, how can  you restructure your productivity routine to be more of a reward than a mighty task?

  63. If you followed your heart where would it lead you?

  64. Pay yourself 5 compliments

  65. What are 3 things that make you angry? Why? How can you consciously change how you approach these scenarios to lessen the anger

  66. How are you going to practice kindness this week?

  67. What could you gain/accomplish if you leaned into being "delusional"?

  68. What is one new boundary you want to set with yourself or others?

  69. What does it mean to your to be healthy?

  70. What helps you slow down and feel more present?

  71.  How do you identify when you are on burnout? What do you do to precent it? Have you been doing it successfully as late?

  72. What personal needs are you sacrificing to meet the needs of others? Why?

  73. Pick 1 positive word you want to focus on this week. Write a list of things you can do to experience this feeling each day.

  74. When was the last time you had a good cry? How did that feel?

  75. When was the last time you had a good laugh? Why did it bring you so much joy?

  76. Who is one person who without fail lifts you up? Do you feel that you properly reciprocate that energy?

  77. What element do you feel defines your personality? (Water, Earth, Air, Fire) Why?

  78. What's one thing in your life would say is "priceless"?

  79. One thing you belong that you wished others believed...

  80. What is your favorite memory?

  81. Finish this sentence: "If I completely trusted myself..."

  82. What are 4 ways you can love yourself everyday?

  83. Write a short letter to an object or place that make you happy?

  84. Who in your life are you proud of?

  85. Who do you hope you are making proud?

  86. When do you feel most in tune with yourself?

  87. Write about the thing that was on your mind first thing this morning. Is it anything you need to further dig into + address? If so, use this time to do so.

  88. What parts of your life now surprise you the most? What turned out exactly how you expected it would?

  89. Write about the last dream you can remember + how it made you feel once you were awake?

  90. Is there someone you never properly thanked? How would you express your gratitude?

  91. What pushed you further from your goals this week? How can you avoid it next week?

  92. Most insecurities are actually strengths. Which of yours have you been underestimating?

  93. What self care activity have you not indulged in in a long time? How can you make time for it this week?

  94. What are some of your favorite ways to show the people in your life that you love them?

  95. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up + why?

  96. Write about someone you love and miss.

  97. In what ways have you surprised yourself lately?

  98. What is one thing about you or your life that you confidently DONT care if people judge? 

  99. What are you going to let go of this week? What is the first step you will take to do so?

  100. What signs have you gotten lately to let you know you are on the right path?

  101. List 3 things you did RIGHT today.

  102.  Tell the universe what you want!

  103.  Map out 1-3 small ways you will slow down + relax this weekend.

  104. What area of you life (physically or mentally) could you show yourself more patience?

  105. What miracle would you like to experience?

  106.  What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you from your past? Would that same thing embarrass you today?

  107. Who are your mentors and why? What characteristics do you admire about them?

  108. What is an affirmation that can help you today?

  109. .

  110. .

  111. .

  112. .

  113. .

  114. What is something you have not been transparent about that you probably should be?

  115. Is there something about yourself that took you a while to accept? How did you come to peace with it?

  116. When was the last time you felt truly accepted/appreciated? What did that feel like?

  117. What REALLY helps you relax?

  118. What is keeping you positive in this time in your life?

  119.  Do you have someone you trust whole-heartedly? Why? If not current when was the last time you felt you had someone that was worthy of that trust?

  120. What is one thing in your life that has gotten easier with age?

  121.  What makes you feel mentally strong? Is it setting boundaries, prioritizing mental health, exerting a particular mental strength?

  122. .


  124. What is one relationship you would like to  repair/make stronger? How can you begin that journey.

  125. Who are the important women in you life? How have they shaped your identity?

  126. Where is your happy place?

  127. When was last time you created a really good memory?

  128. In what ways have you changed up your routine lately? If you haven't, what are a few ways you can? (big or small)

  129. When you are going through a mental rough patch, what is something that reminds you of better times and sparks positivity?

  130. Let's detach and reflect on how you feel in your body at today, not in your mind. How are you feeling?

  131. Write about the place that instantly makes you happy/brings calm.

  132. .

  133. What area in your life should you be standing up for yourself a little more?


  135. What is one thing about your personal character that acts as a reminder of your authenticity?

  136. ..

  137. What is one habit you could let go of that would make your life easier?

  138. .

  139. .

  140. When was the last time you celebrated yourself? Describe it and why you chose to celebrate that way.

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