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So a hair guru, an inspiring poet, and vegan queen walk into a bar... and we got to ask them what products they loved this past year and what they are excited to try in 2020 for our beauty round up. Read on to find out what products you should add to your shelves in the new year!

* FYI: There was no bar lol

What were your favorite beauty products from the year?

"BareMinerals BAREPRO 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer and BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation."

Why did you love them?

"These two products together are a magical combination. BareMinerals products are friendly enough for me to wear every day without getting skin irritation. The concealer is full coverage and agrees with my skin's natural texture. The powder foundation adds more coverage and sets to a velvety finish. Together, they're wearing and allow my natural oils to shine giving me a plus radiant look through the day."

What product is on your 2020 try list?

"I would love to add Jamaican Black Castor Oil to my beauty routine. I hear it's excellent for lash and eyebrow growth."

ARIELLE | @arielleestoria

What were your favorite beauty products from the year?

"Maybelline Super Stay Matt Ink is my JAM! It was great for events and conferences that I spoke at because it lasted all day long, so much so that by the end of the day I had to SCRUB it off but it was worth it!"

"W3ll People Volumizing Mascara"

"This mascara was the JAMMMM"

"Glossier tinted Moisturizer. So good for the days I didn’t want to wear full coverage foundation. Very light and dewy!"

"Beauty Counter Brow Gel. Honestly all you needed is some moisturizer and a little brow fill/ shaping with this brow gel and you were SET."

"Brow Luxe Brow Pencil. Such a smooth application and didn’t make eyebrows super dark but natural shape."

"Pacifica Beauty Primer and Setting Spray. It doesn’t feel like I’m putting a bunch of chemicals on my face, super fresh and clean feeling to set my looks!"

What's on your 2020 try list?

"Stila Cosmetics and more clean beauty products that I love!"

What were your favorite beauty products from the year?

"I really don't try a lot of products too often because I have super sensitive dry skin and I'm often disappointed. Not necessarily by the product but by my skin's reaction to the product. Something that has never let me down down though is water and grape seed oil."

Why do you love it?

"So as I mentioned, my skin is super dry! I usually try to drink plenty of water but I'm human and I do slip up sometimes. Literally, last week I wasn't on my water grind and to say my skin was dry is an understatement. My skin started breaking out to the point where I didn't even recognize myself!"

"Grape seed oil is another fave I use it as a facial moisturizer! I love it because it contains one ingredient and unlike a lot of other moisturizers, I know EXACTLY what's in it! And it doesn't break my skin out! I use the grape seed oil from Now Foods. The bottle literally says for sensitive skin care. I love it! It's been a staple of mine for about a year now! "

What product is on your 2020 try list?

"There is this beauty line called Golde whose branding aesthetics are out of this world but that's not why we are here today (because I can go on and on about aesthetics) lol I really want to try their Clean Green Face Mask. It's made of superfoods like cholrella, spriulina and mango juice and is complete edible(which is cool). Apparently, it's also safe for all skin types so I REALLY want to give it a try."


So guys, What were your favorites and what are you excited to give a try in 2020?



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