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A year ago I had the idea to revamp of my personal style blog.The domain was purchased and there was content ready to role out. But as time went on I found myself making excuses as to why it wasn't ready. And during that time things started changing.

It's like a switch was flipped and my outlook on life became a little more conscious. I wanted to get serious about my lifestyle habits. Unlike the great organic diet of 2016, this change stuck and the blog centered around myself no longer felt like my purpose. I can't recall exactly what I was doing but randomly one day the word LIVISH popped up into my head. I swear I'm not crazy. All of the names for my future children come to me in dreams and they are all pretty adorable. The phrase "Less Lavish, More Living" followed shortly after. And BOOM I had a concept.

From there I knew that this would be more than a blog. It was resource.

After 15 different website designs (from scratch) and several friends combating my self doubt we've some how made it to this day. The launch of LIVISH! Your new guide to living your best life. A source of inspiration not only told by myself but our team of creative women!

So we would like to formally welcome you to LIVISH and we hope you enjoy it here!

- Violet Banks

LIVISH Editor in Chief



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