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You're living under a rock if the most coveted bag of the moment hasn't come across your timeline! The Bottega Veneta "The Pouch" has graced every fashion wardrobe or wish list the past season. The clutch's appeal is the structure that makes the inside seem endless. And although it's technically a clutch, it's gaining traction as the new everyday bag!

While some are opposed to dupes, others don't have the budget and that is where Amazon comes in! The look-a-like is $33 as opposed to the Bottega Veneta $2,700 price tag! Everything about the alternative from the shape to the quality would make you think it's the real deal!



$28 $33

The BOKPLD version comes in two sizes and 5 colors. So if you've been lusting over this bag but wouldn't dream of shelling out the coins, this is definitely the way to go!


by Violet Banks

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