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black girl in mirror embracing menstruation cycle

Menstruation is a natural and powerful experience that connects women around the world. However, finding period brands that cater to our unique needs and experiences (outside the type of flow or how active we are) can sometimes be a challenge. In an effort to promote inclusivity, several remarkable brands owned by women of color women have emerged in the market. These brands not only offer high-quality menstrual products but embody representation, and have origin stories that are super relatable.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of these inspiring brands that deserve attention and support.

Blacked owned period pads by Fresh Chic

Fresh Chic is a plant-based, Black-owned period company providing sanitary day pads made with 100% bamboo fiber and a bamboo charcoal chips. When the brand's founder started her cycle at the age of 9 the period brands available provided uncomfortable products that contained several unknown and potentially harmful ingredients.

Now, as an adult who suffers from heavy periods and fibroids, she is committed to giving women and young girls with access to safe and healthy menstrual products. Fresh Chic is truly powered by her passion for providing education on the safest products to use, proper nutrition and self care practices young girls (including her own daughter) during the menstrual cycles.

Fresh Chic pads are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials. Not only are they designed to provide maximum protection and comfort but they are antibacterial, odor resistant, thermo-regulating and hypo-allergenic all while minimizing environmental impact. What's not to like?

*I found this brand via Black on the Block here in Los Angeles and fell in love with the brand and their energy

August Period Products

August is the Gen Z approach to period care and we are not mad at it. Nadya Okamoto (the queer, Asian American co-founder of August,), started the brand journey in 2020 to identify gaps in period care and destigmatize periods and mental health. This comes AFTER she had already established PERIOD (, an organization fighting to end period poverty and stigma that she founded at the age of 16.

Period poverty effects those with a lack of access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, waste management, and education. One example being tampon tax which taxes menstrual products as non-essential items, places an additional burden on people who menstruate and discriminates against them by making items crucial for everyday life unaffordable for some.

August is building an inclusive community (#InnerCycle) that does not shy away from the "uncomfortable" conversations around menstrual cycles with the aim of reframing the narrative around our periods.

The entire line -- which include tampons, pads and panty liners -- is centered around identifying solutions for sustainable and comfortable period products.

If all of that isn't reason enough to give these products a shot, take a scroll through Nadya's TikTok and you'll see just how passionate (and clever) she is when it comes quality period information and products!

The Honey Pot Company hygiene products

If you've been down a feminine hygiene isle you've probably caught a glimpse of The Honey Pot Company.

Founded by Beatrice Dixon, The Honey Pot Co. offers a range of natural feminine care line, including pads, tampons, menstrual cups, supplements and washes.

Dixon's journey grew from her struggle with bacterial vaginosis -- a common vaginal disorder that 50% of all Black women of reproductive age experience. She credits an ancestor who came to her in a dream for giving her the inspiration. She has since taken a science-backed approach to solving this common problem with the help of herbs to formulate hypo-allergenic, dermo AND gyno tested, cruelty free products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

On top of doing great things FOR the vagina, The Honey Pot Co. donates to it as well. They dedicate 2% of sales for charitable organizations that share their mission of "providing access, connection, kindness and education to humans with vaginas across the globe." All of that combined sounds like it's a brand worthy of your support!


Representation matters, and it is inspiring to see women of color creating menstrual product brands and committing to the education of those who may not have access otherwise. By supporting period brands like Fresh Chic, August, and The Honey Pot Company, we not only prioritize our menstrual health but also contribute to the growth and success of businesses that value inclusivity and empowerment.

So let's embrace these brands as a symbol of our strength, celebrate our diversity, and support the remarkable women who are making a positive impact in the menstrual product industry. Together, we can break down barriers, foster inclusivity, and empower others on their menstrual journey.

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