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Pattern Beauty came out of nowhere but it's really no surprise. Who better than to be our honorary curl guru than Tracee Ellis Ross, the woman whose curls we've envied since Girlfriends?

The line includes three different conditioners, a hydrating shampoo, a leave-in conditioner, two oils, a shower brush, microfiber towel and a hair clip. One unique feature from the line is the size of the conditioner bottles. The conditioners come in 13 oz -- as opposed to the 9.8 oz of shampoo -- and a larger 29 oz.

I decided to try out the travel size pack to get a feel for the products and find out if there is something special about them or if it's all just fluff and fawning of those famous Ross curls.


This is a great shampoo. As someone who feels like her hair is never really clean after a wash it was nice to find a product that gave that feeling and result. The texture is smooth, has tons of slippage, and gets sudsy once you work it in. It is however, more clarifying than hydrating. It gives the hair a cleansing feeling but doesn't strip it completely like a tree tea shampoo. I personally love when shampoos clarify because thats almost guarantees a good clean.


This stuff is thicker than any conditioner I've tried before! It takes a second to get the product out of the bottle but once you do it does it's job. It made running a paddle brush through my hair easy and is really hydrating which is great for low porosity hair. It restores any of hydration the shampoo may have taken away. It took a few handfuls to really work this through my hair so I know the travel size won't last me too long. So if you are looking to purchase go with a bigger bottle to start!


This stuff is what miracles are made of. No matter the brand of leave-in my hair quickly soaks up the product. It may be soft but somehow it drys out. To test this I let my hair sit for 20-30 minutes to see how it would absorb the leave-in. As my hair settled into the drying stage it surprisingly maintained both softness and moisturize!

Many have asked if this is a leave-in and styling product in one and the answer is no. It's a regular (far from basic) Leave-In Conditioner. However, I did mix the leave-in with my go to styling gel and they blended perfectly. I'm currently on day 3 with no white residue. Tracee has mentioned that this is only PHASE ONE of the roll out so hopefully we can expect curl definers, pomades, and the like very soon.


Each of the products has a natural smell. Tracee spares us the chemical scent and avoids artificially fruity or floral scents (however fragrance is a listed ingredient). The shampoo has a subtle aroma and gets more potent (in a good way) as the product order progresses. I mean, the starting product doesn't need to over power, right?


YES IF: you are looking for something new to try or want guaranteed clean and moisturized your hair. I would especially recommend this for anyone dealing with constant dandruff. Pattern so far is a great hair care system that does what it says and makes your hair feel great!

NO IF: If you are looking for something to magically transform your hair over night. Don't rush to stock up because ultimately at the end of the wash your curls are the same as they are before. If you already have go-to's that works for you then wait until those are empty and then give these a try.

From the packaging to the messaging behind it, this line is fun. It's refreshing to see a line built by someone who has allowed her curls to be at the forefront of her image. She's done the research and it has proven to be valid. I don't have a set washing system so I could see myself investing in these products solely off of the moisture and clarifying feeling I still have days after.

Have you tried any products from the Pattern line yet? If so, what do you think?


by Violet Banks



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