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Adulting for some comes in the form of an office environment. And whether your job is one your dread or one you love a dress code can be kind of soul sucking. So we've got your back with these clever ways to keep your style alive in the workplace !

Sneak in a crop top!

A cheeky little trick to showing off your style is incorporating your favorite everyday pieces. Try pairing crops tops with high wasted bottoms. If your pants meet your shirt and no skin is showing there's no room for HR to complain. It's a great go-to when you've found that you've run out of super formal options.

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Who says graphic/band tees don't belong in the boardroom?

Sneaking a crisp Nirvana t-shirt under a blazer on casual Fridays is always fun! If the dress code isn't so strict you can totally get away with mixing your favorite graphic tee with a matching power suit. Just avoid sporting t-shirt with explicit photos or words.

Don't count sneakers out!

There is something so satisfying about a formal looks mixed with the causality of a tennis shoe and it's the perfect way to push the boundaries. It's kind of like mixing high and low. Just be sure to rock a clean pair to keep the look unified and "professional."

Accessories are a reflection of you!

If there is little wiggle room to play with your work wardrobe. Play around with accessories. Be bold, be punk, be extra! Don't be afraid to wear the jewelry or hair accessories you would wear with jeans and a t-shirt. Cheeky hair clips and chunky neck pieces can be just the trick to let your inner style ooze out without causing a fuss!

Put your personality in your footwork!

When it doubt put your faith in your footwear. Shoes come in all kinds of designs and colors so even if your look is simple the shoes can show off how quirky or edgy you are. Trust a fun colorful pump or a shoe with funky pattern to bring the personality and grab the attention of everyone in your office!

Hopefully these little wardrobe tricks help you stay true to your style. Now get dressed and go make that money!




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