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Something is going around and it's not the office potluck sign up! Flu season is slowly creeping up on us and for those who work in an office environment it's almost impossible not to catch something. So here are a few tips to keep you healthy and on your grind!

Wash Your Hands

Just about everything in an office is communal (the supplies, the machines, the kitchen, the bathroom, the DOORKNOBS). Everyone is touching everything. To eliminate lingering germs thoroughly and frequently wash your hands. You might even want to consider keeping hand sanitizer at your desk.

Keep Your Workstation Clean

The only place you really have control over is your personal workstation. Whether you have an office with a door or operate in a more open environment, you should take the time to disinfect your work space. Make a habit out of wiping down your phone, keyboard/mouse, doorknobs, and any other commonly used objects. That way you aren't re-encountering germs carried from other areas.

Keep Your Distance

A not so "fun" fact: People can spread the flu to others from up to six feet away. To protect yourself try limiting your contact with co-workers showing cold/flu symptoms. If communication is needed try sending an email or give them a call instead —even if it's from across the room.

Get Enough Vitamin D

Research has shown that Vitamin D can help lower the risk of colds, bronchitis and pneumonia. If you don't want to fall prey to these respiratory infections you might want to start implementing Vitamin D into your daily routine. Have a glass of OJ in the morning, take your Vitamin D pills, and get out and soak up some sun!

Get Some Fresh Air

Contained spaces make the perfect breeding ground for germs. Whenever you get a chance make your way outside for a fresh breath of air. If you're usually found eating lunch at your desk try switching it up by packing up it up and enjoying the scenery away from that shared office space!

Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that a lack of sleep can weaken the immune system? Yes! Stress and lack of sleep can determine how well your body is able to fight off sickness. So make sure to get an adequate amount of Zs so you don't find yourself stuck at home sleeping off a fever!

Hopefully these tips help you evade the bug going around so you're free to use those sick days when it really counts! *wink wink*


by Violet Banks



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