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Having trouble finding the right gift? We've got something for every personality in your life all under $50!


Celeb Cookbook:

There are tons of celebrities who have written a recipe book or two. So if you know their favorite celeb or cooking style you can easily find a book they will love!

Chrissy Teigen - Craving 2: Hungry for More $16

Customized Recipe Tea Towels:

Getting their favorite or signature recipe printed on towels they can use as kitchen decor is a great way to show how much you appreciate their culinary talents. Just make sure the recipe you choose isn't a family secret!

Air Fryer

It's the hottest new cooking gadget on the market right now. It's something fun that they probably don't already own!


Monogrammed Blanket

Being cozy is always a priority for your favorite homebody. What better way to say you respect it with a customized blanket?! West Elm has quality blanket (usually on sale) that offer monogramming for $10 more!

Mini Popcorn Popper

This is a fun gift for anyone who prefers a night in and in front of the TV. What's Disney+ without a little popcorn right?! Cool thing about this is it's collapsible and dishwasher safe!

Electric Kettle

Who doesn't love a nice cup of tea? This cute electric kettle is a great gift for the homebody in your life that you probably won't be seeing much of all winter long!


Wireless Charging Pad

A wireless charging pad is something cool and futuristic looking your beloved techie is bound to enjoy! Who doesn't love a light flex for the sake of aesthetics?!

Customized Phone Case

Your favorite techie is never too far from their mobile device. So why not show your love for them by getting them something that let's them show their love for their phone! Castify has tons of cute styles in both iPhone and Android you can choose from to gift!

Universal Adaptor

If your favorite techie is a traveler this is a handy gift for them. This universal adapter takes the hassle out of having to buy all new products in preparation for their travels. It will save them space and money!


Glove Freshener

Something every serious athlete deals with is the aftermath of a good work out session. These purifying bags deodorize everything from gloves to gym bags and they are fragrance free! #nontoxic

Gripping Socks

This may seem like a simple gift but for those who spend a lot of time on a mat this is perfect. These full-toe grippy socks have a ballet-inspired design that is perfect for yoga, Pilates, barre, and dance. These put a new spin to getting socks for christmas!

Idols T-Shirt

Your favorite athlete definitely has a favorite athlete! Roots of Fight has a bunch of items featuring infamous athletes from Ali to Bruce Lee. You'll find cool tees, hoodies, sweaters etc with iconic quotes and photos that would be perfect for the one you love!

*Gift recommendations for this category were provided by a professional athlete.


Portable/Mini Humidifier

If you know someone who is serious about their skin care routine they will definitely appreciate the portability of this mini humidifier. Keeping the skin moist should and can be a round the clock luxury!

Skincare Fridge

If they are serious about their skin care products then they know the importance of keeping them cooled. Gifting them a cute mini fridge they can put on display will definitely win them over!

Mini Glow Pack

Give the gift of a new skin care regime! This Be Transcendent Glow Kit comes with everything your favorite skincare junkie needs for morning and night routines! It's #nontoxic and formulated for Normal/Dry, Oily & Combination skin types. On top that the brand is #POC owned!


Phenomenal Merch

Gift the artist in your life something that will let them express who they are without saying so. The Phenomenal brand creates merch for your favorite, mother, teacher, latina, trans person, activist, feminist and more! You will definitely find something for any identity!

Framed Art by Artist of Color

There are so many amazing artist of color online. Find a print that fits the personality or style of your loved one and get it framed for them to hang proudly in their home. Society 6 has tons of artist and we've link two other sites that the artist in your life will surely appreciate!

Mindfulness Cards

This is a great gift for the creative in your life that is all about a positive mindset. The deck is divided into four color-coded categories: Rest & Balance, Insight & Awareness, Curiosity & Joy, and Kindness. They're both cute and thoughtful!


Gift Card to Favorite Local Shop

One thing to know about comic book lovers is that they cherish local comic book stores. They may shop all over and place an amazon order or two but they without a doubt have one shop they prefer due to the atmosphere and staff. Stopping by their favorite spot and loading up a gift card is for sure a winner!

Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron

They've probably seen and read everything related to the Star Wars franchise so a silly box set wouldn't cut it. This book was released earlier this year and the plot picks up after the Return of the Jedi and is probably on their reading wish list.

Groot Device Holder

If they are into the Marvel Universe and play video games this a great accessory to gift your favorite gamer! They can prop up their phone or game controller on this super cute device holder. I mean it's Groot!!


Portable Blender

What is a health nut without their smooth/protein shake. This portable blender may look small but it's so powerful it can crush ice! It holds a single-serving and blends 8-12 beverages per charge! It's a great gift for on the go and even to keep at work!

Wellness Book

Give them something they can read and refer back to for wellness inspiration. Take a browse through the wellness section at the book store and you are bound to find a book perfect for the healthy conscious person in your life. Hannah Bronfman's book has just as many gems in it as her super inspiring Instagram!

Encouragement Water Bottle

They are usually making sure everyone around them is drinking water. Why not gift them something that will keep THEM on track while putting a smile on their face! This 1 gallon water bottle has a bit of motivation in 2 hourly increments to get them through out the day!

Hopefully this gift guide was helped you checked some people off your list! Be safe this holiday shopping season and remember that there is no better gift than quality time and love!



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