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The emerging trend in fashion, beauty and just about every realm is sustainability and ethical practices. A company's value is only as good as their accountability.

Companies are making adjustment in a effort to avoid becoming the next to be "canceled." Beauty brands have vowed to dedicated shelf space to POC owned brands (i.e. Sephora and Target) and clothing brands have developed slow fashion lines. Sustainable products and packaging are becoming a big part regular production processes. And in the office/corporate settings companies claim to have done internal evaluations of their work environments and its effects on employees.

This all sounds amazing but then there are those who present as if they have done the work in the form of greenwashing, and other loopholes. This can make it hard to know who is doing the real work behind the scenes and who's merely slapping on a label and calling it improved.

Luckily for us the internet is full of resources that do the weeding out for us. So in honor of Earth Day here are some resources to help with the elimination process.

Sustainability/Ethical Influencers

Tiktok and Instagram are full of influencers who are making it their mission to spotlight the brands doing the real work and calling out the harmful ones. Many creators are popping up since sustainability and ethical practices have come to the forefront of consumerism but the honest stand out and are like fairy godparents. Here are a few amazing humans that are always putting ethics and sustainability first:

Valeria Hinojosa aka @WaterThruSkin

Jazmine Rogers aka @ThatCurlyTop

Valentina Padilla aka SunFlowerValentine

Vic Styles aka @VicStyles

Sophia Esperanza aka @SophiaEsperanza

Keyara Broom aka @Keyara_nickole

Brand Rating Resources

We recently discovered a site called Good On You that has ratings based how a company's affects on the planet, people (employees), and animals. The website's search engine allows you to search the name of a company and results show you their efforts and transparency in regards to those categories. Here is an example search:

If you have been skeptical of your go-to brand or curious about investing in one you've just discovered The Good On You website or app is a great place to start.

Whether you like to stay up to date and get advice from a friendly face or prefer information laid out for you there are creator's and resources waiting to be utilized. If you have a way that YOU like to research and hold brands accountable please feel free to share in comments below. We would love to know!


by Violet Banks



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