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Whether you're spending Valentine's Day solo, with friends or with your boo, we've picked out some great movies (and a show) to cozy up to. We've broken them down into three categories: Feel Good (full of friendship), Feel Love (all about love) and Love to Laugh (packed with humor). So get ready to load up the queue, grab some snacks and enjoy!


First Wives Club

This 90's classic inspired Ariana Grande's Ellen Show Thank You Next performance. It stars Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler as recent divorcees who get revenge on their ex-husband who have taken advantage of them for too long. Not only are the schemes hilarious but there is an empowering message about friendship in there! (Netflix)

Someone Great

This Netflix original goes through the ups and down of getting over a heartbreak. It calls out all post breakup behavior (i.e. "unexpected" run-ins, the downward spiral, etc) and reminds you to never take for granted of the love that's always there... your BFFs.


After her longtime boyfriend abruptly ends things, Jules ( Kat Dennings) realizes she has completely shut out everyone in her life. She (with the help of a literal cat lady) has to work to integrate back in society and relearn "girl code." Lucky for you there's a whole days worth of episodes to binge on over on Hulu.


Always Be My Maybe

Childhood sweethearts (Ali Wong & Randall Park) reconnect after 15 years of not speaking. They attempt to rekindle the old flame but the completely different worlds they've been living in prove to be a problem. This cleverly titled Netflix hit will have you laughing all the way through!

To All the Boys I Loved Before

What would you do if all of your childhood crushes found out how you felt. Well that's exactly what happens to Laura Jean when all of her hidden love letters get sent out. Watch as she tries to get everything under control. It may be based on a book and sound super cheesy but this movie is so good that part two released just in time for Valentine's Day!

The Photograph

When Mae's (Issa Rea) father passes she finds a photograph that leads her to look into her mother's early life. This leads to an unexpected romance with a rising journalist (Lakeith Stanfield). It's a new release so it does require you to get out of the house but seeing Issa and Lakeith play a beautiful couple on screen is so worth it!



Meeting the parents is one of the biggest fears in a new relationship and for most of us the fear proves to be all in our head. Unfortunately for Charlie, the man of her dreams has a mother who just can't let him go. After realizing she can't win her over she puts her hat in the ring and the games begin. Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez are hilarious pair in this film. (Netflix)


While helping his latest client woo the woman of his dreams, professional date doctor, Alex Hitchens, finds that his game doesn't quite work on the woman (Eva Mendes) he's got his eye on. So while his client makes progress with his help, Hitch continues to face romantic setbacks. If Will Smith having an allergic reaction doesn't make you laugh I don't know what else will! (Hulu + Netflix)

The Female Brain

Scientist, Julia (Whitney Cummings), studies the differences between the male and female brain and has let her findings dictate how she lives her life. But she soon finds that life and love isn't just research and MRI scans. This movie follows, Julia and three different couples for a fresh and humorous look at the science behind romantic setbacks.


So if you've been looking for some Valentine's Day entertainment there is something on this list for whatever mood you 're in!



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