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Continuing on the path of solidarity and support I wanted to share more brands owned by people of color. This time I'm sharing a list of bad ass Latinx-owned companies. I gathered a few I follow combined with the recommendations you guys gave on Instagram. Each of them owned by proud Latinx women who put so much hard work and love into making their brands fun and unique. So if you're still in the mood to shop/support here are some options!



Shop Jitana is an absolute vibe! This family owned business is full of the dreamiest boho home decor and accessories. Their instagram famous hats are hand made with love here in Los Angeles making each uniquely imperfect which adds to the charm. Whether you pick up a hat, table wear, or room decor you won't be disappointed!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The Bucket hat is a must-have if you can catch it in stock!


This line is like shopping your cool friend's closet. Shop Starlow's owner, Valerie Star has created a brand full of California coastal vibes and it is taking over online! With new beautiful pieces launching every week it's hard not to want to snag every single item!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The slip dresses are so chic and great for the summer!


Viva La Bonita is a lifestyle and apparel brand inspired by "the spirit of the Mujeres who are fearless." Mujeres meaning Mexican/Hispanic women (usually mature). There is nothing cooler than a line inspired by the strong women. The line has everything from hoodies, to phone cases, to home wear to help you show off how amazing you are!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: Any of the T-Shirt. The quotes are super inspiring!


Hija de tu Madre is "for the girl that takes her culture everywhere." Patty Delgado's says her goal is to celebrate the beautiful mess that is being Latina and Latinx. Each piece of jewelry, apparel and accessory is a statement of identity and a reminder of the culture. The line is full of fun pieces to let you proudly express yourself!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: Any of the "Make Jefa Moves" pieces will have you feeling powerful af!



Inspired by her love of crystals, owner Melissa Flores created her jewelry line Sunday Energy. The line is full of delicate pieces designed to "bring a little magic int your life."

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: Anything from the Evil Eye Collection OR the Promise Ring (nothing like treating yourself, right?)


Mala by Patty Rodriquez is a luxury line of necklaces with unique fonts and phrases. While most brands only offer silver and gold plated material, MALA by PR also has solid gold for custom necklace. Which means your personal piece will last!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The lowercase initial necklace is so adorable!



Gaby Trujillo's brand Alamar Cosmetics is all about "Celebrating Culture through Cosmetics" and that is just what it does! From the cleverly named collections/items to the complexion inclusive products, it's hard not to see yourself becoming a fan! On top of all it being a beautiful line of products, it's also cruelty free!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The DesNUDE lipgloss and liners! There is nothing like a good lip combo!


Covar Beauty is the came to life through the vision of two hard working sisters, Diana + Lola and their love for cosmetics. They believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and should be able to use makeup as a form of expression and art without judgement. The brand centers around the Covar Lash products but you can also get other products to fill your kit or vanity!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: The Lashes and the gold applicator


Araceli's earliest memory with beauty was from elementary school when a friend gave her her first tube of lipstick. That obviously sparked something because today she owns a beauty brand that is inclusive, full of her culture (Araceli was born in Jalisco, Mexico before immigrating with her parent's at five) and beautifully designed.

And Yes, It's cruelty free!

If you had to purchase one thing it would be: One of the New Tequila Highlighters. It's made with Agave oil and looks great on a rand of complexions (set to drop on August 28th)


If you've been looking for new brands there are tons of beautifully curated ones here!


by Violet Banks

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