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Okay let me start by saying I'm only a few short years from my thirties (yes I debated telling you my age which tells you everything) and I know that over the hill is no where in sight. I am old enough to know that waking up to remnants of last nights eyeliner is a no-no.

I don't know when it happened but my lackadaisical routine has matured into strict regime. The St. Ives Apricot Scrub and Neutrogena makeup wipes have been replaced with oils, moisturizers and serums. I've had to discipline myself to keep consistent with my 6 step sequence. And you know what? The feeling of fresh a face at the end of the night makes me feel like I've got my life together. The threat of waking up to break outs is an also helps to me get out of bed at peak comfort.

We live in a time where professional skin care advice can easily be found outside of the hassle and expense of visiting the dermatologist. To find out what I should be using I went online and took notes and compared tips from tons of credible articles and videos. If you want to do some research for yourself I would recommend Susan Yara of Mixed Makeup . She's been in the beauty industry for years and knows her sh*t!

After my deep dive into the do's and don't of skincare I learned so much about my skin type. My skin fits perfectly into the "Oily" category. Oily skin is described as shiny and prone to clogged pores and breakouts. It's subject to PIH (post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation), a condition which leaves dark spots on the skin after a breakout has healed. Unfortunately I can check off all of these characteristic -- but I have been told that will come in handy when I'm actually over the hill because my skin will have all the moisture it needs to keep it's youthful glow!

Once I figured out out what my problems were I tackled the overwhelming list of recommended products for my skin. Through trial and error I was able to create a routine that reduced all of my issues. So for anyone with a similar skin type -- or is just curious -- I want to share what products have whipped my skin into shape!

To make this easier I'll share what I use in the exact order:

1. If I am wearing makeup I remove it with a cotton pad and a bit of mi-cellar water. (Bioderma is personal favorite. It's clean and has different formulas for your skin type. I use the Sensibio H2O in the pink bottle).

If it's a makeup free day I skip to #2*

2. Use a face wash to assure EVERYTHING from the day has been removed. I apply with my hands and use a face towel to check for any spots I may have missed (I'm currently using Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser).

3. Apply a reasonable amount of moisturizer to my face and neck. Contrary to belief oily skin needs moisturizer. For one, skin can be oily and still be dehydrated. And two, the more moisture you give your skin the less it has to produce! (I use and love the Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream. Before switching to clean products I swore by the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich + the Belief Aqua Bomb).

4. If my under eyes are feeling dry I use an eye cream. (I have always used the Lindi Eye Hydrator. Lindi Skin was created to provide skincare for side effects of radiation and chemotherapy side effects for cancer patients and survivors. It works wonders because it cured my sever under eye dryness years ago!).

5. Apply a few drops of Rose Hip Oil to the palm of my hands and apply to my face and neck. This helps to remove the dark spots caused by hyper pigmentation and adds extra moisture that my skin absorbs will I sleep. (I use an cold pressed organic Rosehip Oil from the Vitamin Shoppe).

6. If I am experiencing any breakouts I use Tea tree oil as a spot treatment. I dip a q-tip in the oil and dab any problem areas. Tea tree oil works its way into skin pores, helping to disinfect the skin and dries out pesky pimples. If I catch a breakout before it rises to the surface I swap that sucker it is usually gone by the morning! (I'm currently using the last of a drugstore version but will be replacing it with an organic version soon).

When I'm all done I can rest easy knowing I've done the "mature" thing by taking care of my skin. I still refuse to make my own dentist appointments but that's an issue for another day!



P.S. I want to add that while my diet affects the condition of my skin (I've recently given up dairy for this reason) it is not considered "sensitive." This means that because my skin isn't reactive to ingredients which made integrating new products hassle free. It may take some precaution for those who are prone to rashes, blemishes and allergic reactions. I would suggest patch testing any of the recommended products.



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