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Simple and fresh is the new full beat! You're bound to see a dewy face or rosy cheeks grace your timeline before a cut crease these days. And since minimal makeup is right up the #LIVISH alley we've put together a quick guide to getting a fresh face in around 5 minutes. So whether you're crunched for time or in it for pure aesthetics here is what you need to get in, get out and look great!


Concealing is the new foundation. Not only does it save you time, it also allows you to cover blemishes and keep that skin like effect. The trick is use a light-weight concealer that matches your skin tone and only applying it to problem areas (break outs, discoloration and under eyes) leaving the rest of the face alone. A damp beauty blender or light tap of the fingers will give the best finish. Trust us when we say you won't regret swapping full coverage for a quick cover up!



A dab of blush gives you a youthful look. Cream/liquid blush is the key to achieving the fresh face and is really the only pop of color you'll need! Just remember a little goes a long way!



There is nothing underwhelming about a bit of sparkle and a subtle highlight is the key to faking effort. Go with a cream or liquid highlight (again beauty blender or fingers will suffice) as it gives you a glow from within. If you want to make it look like you've took the time to do an eye look add a bit of highlight to your lids!





Mascara over falsies is our motto! Fake lashes take time and can quickly complicate a simple look. Luckily, there are now so many mascaras on the market that make your natural lashes look like your favorite pair of falsies. We recommend the Pacifica Dream Big Mascara. It has a wand the extends for length and retracts for volume!


Tip: Purchase via ULTA and use the $3.50 off $15 coupon (online and sent via emails) to save!


A good brow can enhance the barest of faces -- not that you need it! Try a feathery brow if you want a more "No Makeup" makeup look. A quick run through with a brow gel also does the trick!



A nude lip is the last touch for your fresh face! Pick a moisturizing lippie this is a "your lips but better" shade (typically has a bit of pink undertone) to pull the entire look together. Burt's Bees has a liquid lip that doesn't dry all the way down and comes in tones of nude shades!


Tip: Avoid a drying/matte lip color as it tends to stick out among the natural elements of this simple face.


You can wear it on top of the nude lip or by itself. But throwing on a sheer/clear gloss makes it look like you put in maximum effort when it only took you a few minutes to get yourself together!




By Violet Banks

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Yesss, this look has been my go to for a bit now!



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