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The transition into clean beauty can be intimidating. Just like any lifestyle change it's hard figuring out where to start. For many of us, throwing everything out and starting over is not an option. Everyone's got a budget right?!

If you're going to start your #cleanbeauty journey you should probably tackle the products that come in contact with your skin on an everyday basis. Recently over on the LIVISH Instagram we asked what items you keep in your bag that you can can't live without. You guys happily shared you're go to items and we rounded up some affordable CLEAN swaps!


What's the point of sanitizing if your skin is absorbing toxins? Swap out your trusty Purell out for the Honest Hand Sanitizer. It has a liquid consistency as opposed to the gel-like texture you're used to BUT it's clean and it smells great! Scents include Grapefruit Grove, Coastal Surf and Lavender Field, and Free + Clean.



Hand lotion sits right beside sanitizer in the corner of your bag so why wouldn't you swap that out as well? Aveeno is a dermatologist tested brand and is great for all skin types (that includes eczema and sensitive skin). The line is fragrance free and comes in a 2.5 oz size for under $5.



Just about everyone carries the roller ball version of their favorite perfume in their bag. And although they keep you smelling heavenly all day they also have tons of hidden ingredients. Target has a few #cleanbeauty fragrances and each one comes in a roller ball and body mist version that won't break the bank! (The Magnolia Violet scent from Good Chemistry gets tons of compliments!)



While it would be a no-brainer to suggest the unsung hero that is Glossier Balm Dot Com, it is on the pricier side. Luckily, Burt's Bee's has a number of options (just like the indie brand) that not only keep your lips moisturized but smell like fruit and honey!


So now that you've got some options it's time to clean out that bag and make the switch!

If you have any #cleanbeauty everyday items you would recommend feel free to leave them in the comments below!


By Violet Banks

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