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If a global pandemic hadn't taken place we would all still be in the delusional phase of our New Years resolutions. Promises to work out, eat healthy, etc. So to maintain some normalcy, let's talk fitness shall we?

I want to start off by saying I am no fitness guru. I hit the genetic lotto aka a metabolism that hasn't really simmered down much after hitting and surpassing age 25. Because of this I typically find every excuse as to why I can't make it to the gym. But by some miracle during the month and some change of social distancing, I've actually created a habit of working out every week day for 30 minutes during my lunch hour.

To be honest working out is one of the few things that make me feel like I've got some control during this crazy time. Taking the time to work up a sweat is a great source of energy not only physically but mentally as well. I would encourage finding something that works for you so that you can feel in tune with your body. A bonus: It will eventually lead to other small healthy habits you'll be proud to come out of this thing with!

With that being said I want to share some workouts by some of my favorite fitness influencers. They've taken routines you typically need equipment for and tweaked them so that you can get the same results in your living room or back yard. I've tried these workouts, love them and will keep going back. There is something here for each part of the body so I hope you enjoy and get to moving!


Click the Instagram links to watch the instruction videos!

Upper Body



Full Body

Glutes + Abs


by Violet Banks



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