For some, hitting the snooze button 3-5 times is an essential part of starting the day. But the flow of your morning sets the tone for the day ahead. So here are 6 things you can do to help make the first few hours of your day as productive as possible.


How many times have you grabbed a granola bar and piece of fruit because you just didn't have time? Getting up earlier allows you to take in the day, set intentions, get in a good meal and eliminate the stress caused by rushing out of the door.

We aren't suggesting getting up at 5am if you don't have be at work until 9am. Waking up just 30 minutes before your alarm goes off will do. You'll be surprised how much of a positive impact half an hour will have on the rest of your day.

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If you can you get over the fear of the government listening through all of your devices you should think about adding an Amazon Dot or Google Home to your nightstand. Not only do they have have built in reminders and alarms they also have settings perfect for your morning routine.

The Dot currently has a really cool "Start My Day" feature. If you utter the words "Alexa start my day" she will to tell you the weather, traffic estimates, start a playlist or anything you'd like. Mine is set to tell the weather, a "This Day In History" fun fact, and play Here Comes Sun by The Beetles. It never fails to spark joy for the day ahead.

So if you've been looking for a way to level up your morning routine this is a great option. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me feel like Kate Winslet in The Holiday when she finds out she can open and close the blinds with a button. #bougie


This may sound like a bit of a stretch but if you require caffeine to start functioning you might want to consider setting up a coffee bar in your place of rest. I know, I know! I know! The idea of slapping a Mr Coffee Maker on your nightstand isn't very aesthetically pleasing. Imagine those cute little alcohol bar carts but replace the liquor with a coffee or tea maker. Place it in a cozy little corner in your bedroom and enjoy! You can take it one step further and buy a machine with a built-in timer. That way the coffee starts to brew before you even open your eyes. The smell alone is enough motivation to get you going!

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Do you find yourself losing track of time in the morning? One way to keep yourself focused is by making a mental to do list while in bed. When Alexa is done I take a few deep breathes and mentally put in order all of the things I need to do from that moment up until I head out the door. I run through it 2 or 3 times and I'm up. Not only does it keep me on track but it also makes getting ready feel like a challenge and puts a spring in my step!


Whenever you do decided to start your day the next move should be to take a step outside. There is something refreshing about taking in the calm of the morning. Take a walk or go check the mail. If you aren't willing go that far try going out on your balcony or back porch. On the days when your'e feeling super lazy try standing in the doorway with your cup of coffee/tea, take a few deep breathes and let the breeze hit you.

Making this apart of your AM routine allows you to get some fresh air, preview of the weather and fully wake up. This trick is sure to make getting back into bed feel like a waste of time!

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A good podcast can easily get you in the right mindset. If you have a favorite show it's probably the first thing you play when you hit the road. Try starting off your morning with those same go-to motivating pods playing pre car ride. Listening to someone talk about their goals or personal journey while your get ready will have you pumped for whatever tasks lie ahead!

If you need podcast recommendations check out the LIVISH "Live Your Best Life" section for a few of our favorites!


Whatever you do don't scroll social media the first thing in the morning. Doesn't the idea of YOUR day by checking what other people (a majority of them strangers/celebrities) sound a bit odd? Also think about the fact we absorb the energy of the content we consume. So don't leave your AM mood up to social media. Let your morning revolve around you!

I will admit that I do scroll on my days off. However, I try to read a few articles on the news apps or my favorite websites before opening up Instagram or Twitter. I feel better about grabbing my phone upon waking when I'm absorbing information!

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by Violet Banks